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Jacuzzi Finestra Tub

Let me start by saying that the tub itself is very high quality and probably well worth the money. We paid just over $6,000 for the tub including tax. The problem came when getting a plumber to install it. Most of the plumbers we called weren't interested, the one that finally came out claimed to know what he was doing and screwed the whole thing up.

Things I wish I would've known...
Our 50 gallon hot water heater doesn't fill the tub with enough hot water
You can't get your shoulders fully submerged in the water (which is why we ordered it)
Our plumbing supply lines are not sufficient to fill this tub quickly (also need a better well pump)
Draining this tub seems to take forever and a day

Looking over the other walk in tubs, most of these problems seem very common. There needs to be some sort of guide printed that tells you all of these things ahead of time so future buyers will know.

All-in we have spent nearly $13,500 including: tub, installation, electrical, new water heater, door frame removal, new larger bathroom door, vanity removal and replacement, toilet removal and replacement, new tub surround, etc...

Once again, the tub itself is a high quality product and we're overall happy with the tub. The problem comes when you actually try to install one of these. It would've been a little more to just have one of the turn-key companies install a tub, but probably much less of a headache. Still though, none of the companies we received quotes from even mentioned needing a larger water heater, nor did they look at our well pump, so it's hard to say if we wouldn't have ended up in the same boat.


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Pros & Cons

Nice Wide Door
Plenty of Leg Room
Can't Get Fully Submerged
Takes Forever To Fill
Takes Even Longer To Drain
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