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Boca Walk-in Tubs
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You're right on the money with the pros as Boca offers an incredibly low, safe step into their walk-in tubs - always lower than 3 inches into the tub. Boca also offers heated air and water jet hydrotherapy along with all safety features & luxury features for walk in tubs.
I'm writing in to dispute and correct the "cons" - Boca is actually one of the easiest tubs in the industry to clean as the tub shell is coated with a true marine-grade gel coat which is non-porous and wipes clean almost effortlessly (it's what is used on boats - as the rep said "how many yachts do you see coated with acrylic?") It make sense to me that you'd surely want gel coating over acrylic which is more likely to crack and fade.

Next, the Boca tubs are price thousands less than the other quotes we've seen - which were all over $13,000 (Premier, Jacuzzi, and Safestep). Boca was less than $9500 fully installed - and it's an American Made tub. We did receive a quote for less on a tub that was advertised as made in the USA, but we learned it was an imported tub - Unbelievable!! After some research we found that companies like Envy, Independent Home, Bathing Solutions, and American (ironic that their name is "American") import tubs and claim they're made in America.

Finally, nearly every company that sells the Boca tub offers financing for those in need. The link to financing can be accessed on the home page at Also, Boca is one of the easiest companies to deal with - we worked with the SBS tubs office and they we incredibly informative, there was no pressure to buy, and they were actually helpful on the phone - rather than insisting a salesman come to the house. It's nice to finds a company that lives up to what they advertise.

We rate Boca as follows: Overall 4.8 (Affordability 4.5, Installation 5.0, Ease of use 4.5, Overall Quality 5, My Experience 5.0) I definitely recommend Boca to anyone in need of a safety bathtub.


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United States

Pros & Cons

Extremely high product quality at surprisingly affordable price
Very informative company - even on the phone
The boca tub is the easiest to enter and exit - only 2 inches step in
No pressure to buy from salesman
Great warranty
Good financing options
Tub finish is beautiful - gel coat really is nice- easy to clean and maintain
We don't care for the ozone feature
the aroma therapy was really not necessary
please note: we were give the option NOT to have ozone and aroma, we chose these, but could certainly do without them
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