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Stair Lift Reviews and Comparisons

Aging can be a painful process and for those that live in a two story home, the thought of going up and down a steep flight of stairs may also be cause for concern.

For those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford a stairlift for their home, it's good to have a trusted resource to find which one will work best for you.

Browse our Stair Lift Reviews to find the stairlift to suit your needs. When you've found what you're looking for, find the "Best Deals" tab to see where you can buy it the cheapest. 

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MediTek Stand and Perch Stairlift
The MediTek Stand and Perch Stair Lift is specifically designed to meet the needs of stair lift users who have difficulties bending their knees or hips and sitting. ...
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ThyssenKrupp - Levant Stairlift
The ThyssenKrupp Levant Stair Lift is a straight stairs lift designed to be economical, simple and capable. It offers power and reliability at an affordable price. ...
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Handicare 2000 Stairlift
With one of the tightest track bends available in the industry, the Handicare 2000 is well suited to stairways that are curved or that are spiral. ...
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Acorn Outdoor Stairlifts
The Acorn Superglide Outdoor Stairlift includes the safety and comfort features of an indoor lift, while offering the protection necessary to operate in adverse weather conditions outdoors. ...
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Harmar - SL600 Pinnacle Premium
The Harmar SL600 Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift is a straight stair lift that offers optimal comfort, convenience and aesthetics in a luxurious, yet affordable, necessity. ...
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Savaria - Stairfriend
The Savaria Stairfriend Stair Lift is designed for curved stairs, stairs with multiple landings, or when out of the way parking is desired.
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MediTek External Stairlift
Ideal for any stairs exposed to the elements, the MidiTek External Stair Lift is safe and convenient for users and caregivers alike. 
4.8 (1)
Handicare 1000 Stairlift
The Handicare 1000 Stair Lift is a straight rail stair lift specifically designed for narrower staircases. It can be installed indoors or out. 
0.0 (0)
Handicare 1000 Outdoor Stairlift
The Handicare 1000 Outdoor Stair Lift features a fully waterproof design, and offers safe and reliable transport to people who require assistance up and down the stairs. ...
4.5 (1)
Handicare XXL Stairlift
The Handicare 1000 XXL Stair Lift makes an ideal choice for people who need a larger seat, wider armrest space or a heavier weight capacity than is offered by...
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36 results - showing 21 - 30  
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