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Premier Care in Bathing
2330 S Nova Rd
City, State, Zip
South Daytona, FL 32119
Door Seal
Lifetime Warranty
Shell and Frame
10 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
Made in
United Kingdom

Premier Care in Bathing is the grandfather of all walk-in bathtub companies. Premier Care bathtubs are manufactured in England, although their headquarters is United States based.

This company was started in 1986 and is still running strong in its homeland of England, U.K.

Like many walk-in bathtubs today, the Premier Walk-in tub is said to be “Made in America”. However, a quick search for a Bill of Lading will show that Premier still actively imports their components from their U.K. manufacturing plant.

Product Information

Premier Care has several options available to suit many different situations.  

Usually the representative will gather a little information and point the customer in a specific direction based upon their individual needs.

Overall Quality

The Premier Walk-in Tub is one of the higher quality walk-in bathtubs available on the market.  This company has been around long enough to work out many of the bugs that some of the cheaper walk-in bathtubs are known for. However, the overall appearance of most of their tubs still look like something that belongs in the decade in which they were started.

In our opinion, the Premier Walk-in tubs are not the beauty queens of the walk-in bathtub industry. Though, they are built and designed to last for years to come.

Meeting the Representative

First impression of the representative that came out, was that of a used car salesman.  

The representative whipped out a very large flip-book presentation and proceeded to down many of the other competitive companies.  This was a major turn-off that occurred within ten minutes of starting our meeting.

Though the representative was very thorough at reading and explaining the tub and features, the presentation was not really geared towards our specific scenario and conditions.

Ultimately, we were given pricing information and felt a little pressured into purchasing a walk-in bathtub on the same day.  This was not what the appointment setter on the phone had explained would happen.

Price of Premier Walk-in Bathtubs

This was definitely one of the higher priced walk-in tubs out of the group selected.  The overall appearance and the features offered did not seem to have a value anywhere near the price that was given. We were offered several discounts, and after refusing three times the representative called his office begging to get a larger discount for our situation.

Premier Care™ is a registered trademark of Premier Care™ in Bathing. All trademarks remain property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the products being reviewed. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between and the holders of said trademarks. 

Premier Care in Bathing Product Line

Easy Bathe

Classic Walk-in Tubs

Compact Walk-in Tubs

Oversize Walk-in Tubs

Powered Baths

Easy Access Showers

Design & Installation

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tub with built in lift chair

Pros & Cons

my tub was put in be for thanksgiving, except for the piece of marble for the backside of the tub, I was told the marble guy would be here the day after thanksgiving to finish my tub but no one has showed up yet, I have called the company several times to address this and still I get told some one is on the way and still no one has showed up yet I would not recommend this company to any one I will warn every one I know that this company is a bad one to do business with.
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T Smith
Overall rating 

Couldnt have asked for anything more

Compared to getting into and out of my old bathtub to take a shower, the premier tub has changed my daily life. I used to avoid it until it was necessary. Mainly used a washrag to clean up daily with a shower every 4 or 5 days. I've slipped before and have been afraid ever since.

Ever since the new premier tub was installed I can get in and shower with the hand held shower. I don't have to take a bath if I dont want, but sometimes I do. I usually take a bath about twice a week now and shower daily. Haven't been worried about slipping since I got the tub.

It was expensive, but they were all expensive. There wasn't a single walk in that I looked at that was "cheap" in price. They were all over $10,000. This one ended up coming in cheaper than some of the other tubs and I was done looking. My son and daughter thought I'd lost my mind, but I've still got a few years left. Didn't really want to rely on them bathing me or finding out that I didn't shower regularly. Overall I'm pretty satisfied.

There's lots of negative reviews out there on many of these things, but the common denominator seems to be that people didn't quite understand what they were getting. If I'm able to get into a tub and not risk having to go to some homestead place, I'm fine with investing in my health. Just my two cents!

Pros & Cons

Much Much Easier than my old tub
Helps my daily aches and pains
Taking less in the way of pain meds
Handle can sometimes be difficult when my hands are inflamed
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Overall rating 

horrible customer service!

a few weeks ago I called premier care out to my home for a free consultation. Needless to say I did NOT buy any of their walk in tubs. the sales person was rude and got irritated when i mentioned something i did not like. he had no manners and interrupted me when i was talking and it was something he did not want to hear. i would not ever buy from a company like this!!!

Pros & Cons

horrible customer service
unprofessional sales
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Overall rating 

Exceptional Customer Service

Overall we were extremely pleased with Premier Care in Bathing. Not only is the tub fantastic but we took advantage of their $1,500 off promotion. We got a great price on the tub and were happy with the service and installation. These guys left our home looking better than before and now it's much safer to bathe. Thanks Premier Care!

Pros & Cons

My wife and I just got a great walk in tub from Premier Care in Bathing. We are extremely happy with the service and the tub itself. A whole team was involved with the selection and installation of the tub. A special thanks to the installers who did a fabulous job. I have limited mobility due to an injury and researched different options that would allow me to return home. We looked at a variety of walk in bathtubs, compared prices, and met with 2 different companies. Only Premier Care took the time to understand our needs, measure our bathroom, and work with use on pricing. The tub looks great and exceeded expectations. We chose Premier Care because they were helpful from day one and explained the entire process of purchasing a tub and having it installed. The other company we contacted just wanted to sell us the most expensive tub and were pushy. I'm glad we went with premier care.
None. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a walk in tub. We had a great experience and suggest contacting them first.
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Overall rating 

Everything would be finished without extra charges???

My husband and I signed a contract for a bathroom install along with the Haven tub. It was told to us that everything would be finished and no surprises or extra charges. Well that was a laugh when the contractor first started to get out of putting up the drywalls and said we would find with no wall because it was the furnace room and we needed so much space around everything. He kept coming up with shortcuts for him not eus and we paid the money,17000.00. Then when he put up the drywall, he said that is it and he doesn’t do painting. We had to pay an electrician because they don’t do electrical and now we need another contractor to finish the job that this contractor hired by Premier Care does not do. Our initial salesman was a fast talker who said don’t worry, we will tweak what is needed and it will be just how we want it. We were tweaked all right. Make sure everything is written down and don’t rely on anything verbal. Also the turnaround was a lie too, we are in the second week and the contractor just comes when he has time between his other jobs. We don’t have anything installed yet. Not happy and would not recommend this company. We don’t know anything about the quality yet, but professionalism , poor; affordable, in the high range, experience, this contractor doesn’t do the work we requested and I would have to say poor; customer service, they back each other up and not for the customer, poor.

Pros & Cons

Fast Talkers
Extra Charges & Fees
Undisclosed Issues
Poor Professionalism
Not Affordable
Poor Customer Service
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