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First Street for Boomers & Beyond, Inc.
1998 Ruffin Mill Rd
City, State, Zip
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Door Seal
Lifetime Warranty
Shell and Frame
Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Made in
Acrylic, Fiberglass

Jacuzzi® Walk in Tubs offer a great quality walk-in bathtub for the aging population.  Their tubs are made of Acrylic with a Fiberglass backing, which is what most would expect from a Jacuzzi® made product.  Though they have a nationally recognized brand name, they're still in their infancy of walk-in bathtubs.

The Jacuzzi Walk in Bathtubs are not quite as aesthetically pleasing as some of their counterparts, but make up for it in overall quality and functionality.

Product Information

Upon investigating the Jacuzzi® Walk in Bathtubs, we've found that there are very few models to choose from, compared to their Chinese made competitor companies.

You'll find a few of their models are rather mediocre, however the top quality Jacuzzi® Walk in Tub seems to be available exclusively from only one vendor, namely First Street®, which is what this listing will focus on.

Overall Quality

Jacuzzi® has made a name for themselves for decades with the quality of their products. Their walk-in tubs are no different than many of the other products they manufacture. These tubs are manufactured to last a lifetime, with an acrylic shell and fiberglass backing.

A shine-through test was completed on a First Street branded Jacuzzi tub, with zero shine-through. This indicates that the tub is of uniform consistency, overall a much better choice than its Chinese counterparts.

Meeting the Representative

My Senior Source has completed two separate undercover in-home appointments with representatives from First Street/Jacuzzi®.  

Both appointments were completed with very professional and clean cut representatives. This of course was a welcome change from some of the other companies we've interviewed.

A very thorough presentation was completed, after a thorough inspection of the home.  

All of the potential problems were addressed and we were assured that the installers would be informed of the issues prior to installation. We were extremely satisfied with the way these representatives worked with us.

What do Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs Cost?

Compared to the rest of the Walk-in Tub Companies we interviewed, the Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub was definitely one of the more expensive tubs. The price of the installation was included in the total bid by the representative. Other than the Jacuzzi® walk-in bathtub, the Premier Walk-in Tub was the only one with a higher total price tag.

Jacuzzi® is a registered trademark of Jacuzzi® Brands. FirstStreet® is a registered Trademark of First Street® for Boomers & Beyond®. All trademarks remain property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the products being reviewed. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between and the holders of said trademarks.

First Street® Product Line

Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtubs

Bath Lift Chairs

Jitterbug® Cell Phone for Seniors

WOW! Computer™ for Seniors

Toilet Lift Chair

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try another company

Pros & Cons

can't think of any
tub floor and seat are slick, slick, slick . . . takes ages to fill.
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As Described by Sales Person

The tub itself is great, as was the experience in purchasing. It was pretty easy, had already talked to a few other companies that were higher priced. First Street/Jacuzzi beat the price of their competitors for my tub. It does take a long time to fill, but from what I've seen it's to be expected with a walkin tub. No major complaints from me!

Pros & Cons

Low Step, Comfortable, Like a Spa
Expensive, Takes a while to fill
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Pushy sales people

I would never buy anything from this company because I do not like how pushy their sales people are! They would not work with me on the price much, and would not take no for an answer. Every time I would bring up the price of the tub and how it is out of my budget, he would once again try to convince me why I should spend money I dont have. The tubs seem to be good quality, but not worth the price they are asking for.

Pros & Cons

in home consultation
Very expensive tubs
Pushy sales people
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We felt bad the salesman drove all the way from New York to Maine and we ordered the Jacuzzi tub from Designed for Seniors ... unfortunately that was a not a good choice. if we knew that it was going to be such a disappointment We would have never ordered it...
It is very expensive and not worth the price. not very happy.

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Audrey Martinez
Overall rating 

Made in the USA

The Jacuzzi(r) walk in tubs sold through firstSTREET are absolutely made with pride in the USA- Valdosta, GA to be exact.

Pros & Cons

American Made
High Quality
Great Product
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