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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex offers hearing aids that focus on innovative technology as well as comfortable, easy-to-wear designs to provide you with a near-natural hearing experience.


Widex understands that hearing loss is complicated, and that every case is individual and every solution unique. In an effort to give people with hearing loss the same opportunity to communicate as those without it, they continuously search for unique and clear solutions to complex problems. They strive to provide their customers with the most natural sound possible out of each of their hearing aids.


Widex Hearing Aids offer a wide variety of features depending on the model that you choose. They offer various platforms and programs with each hearing aid to offer you solutions aimed at helping with each individual person's unique needs. Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) automatically coordinates hearing aid functions to change according to your hearing environment. Adding to the ISP by further refining and improving sound quality is the Dual ISP. This makes soft sounds audible, normal speech intelligible and loud sounds louder than the rest without being uncomfortably loud. The C-ISP takes the sound from two hearing aids and synchronizes them together automatically.

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You'll enjoy the convenience and near-natural hearing experience offered by the numerous programs offered with Widex Hearing Aids. These programs are programmed by a hearing professional and give you options such as optimized music listening, comfort in loud and noisy environments, an optimized TV program, new-user acclimation program, a Zen program designed specifically for tinnitus sufferers and many more. Each programmed is set up and based on your individual and unique needs.

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