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Zounds Hearing
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Don't be taken by Zounds hearing aids

Zounds hearing aids themselves are good but uncomfortable. The company is terrible. The franchise office in our city closed without notice one day we get a letter stating the nearest office is 2.5 hours away one way! I called the customer service line to the corporate office they basically said I had no choice but to drive the 2.5 hours one way to get my hearing aids services or go without them and pay to mail them to Phoenix to have them serviced. I have them a little over a year and one of them keeps giving me a low battery warning after only wearing it for about 9 hours a day. But I can't drive that far because we only have one car and I can't do without my hearing aid and send it to Phoenix. I wish I would have shopped around more before buying these. I feel like I am stuck now after paying thousands of dollars and I bought the high end ones. I was very disappointed that Zounds offered no help whatsoever and they said they would call me back after talking to their operations manager but of course I never heard from them. So shop around before buying these.

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