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Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafron Hearing Aids are state of the art, quality hearing systems giving you the ability to enjoy authentic and stimulating hearing experiences. 


Bernafron is rooted in Bern, Switzerland and has been developing and manufacturing hearing aids for over 60 years. They bring the benefits of their technology and services to hearing care professionals and hearing impaired people around the world through their personal contact and effective partnerships. The world is in a state of constant technological advancement and Bernafron Hearing Aids are in the forefront of hearing system technology.


Designed to seamlessly adapt to your individual listening environment at home, work, and in social and recreational situations, Bernafron Hearing Aids enable you to enjoy authentic and stimulating hearing experiences in every listening situation. All Bernafron Hearing Aids feature digital signal processing, improved miniaturization and creative and innovative programming to provide you with expanded benefits. These devices can be operated with optional remote controls, and linked to other communication devices through the use of Bluetooth technology.

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Bernafron Hearing Aids offers a wide variety of models and options to choose from. They can be worn invisibly either in the ear canal or behind the ear, or proudly displayed openly in a multitude of fashionable and colorful ways. Their hearing systems offer you solutions designed to meet your needs, preferences and lifestyle choices. 

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