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Amp Hearing Aid

The Amp Hearing Aid from Starkey is designed for first time hearing aid users.


The Amp Hearing Aid from Starkey acts like a mini hearing amplifier. Unlike other hearing aids which sit behind the ear, or in the visible part of the ear canal, this device fits invisibly inside of the second bend of your ear canal. It combines digital technology with the natural acoustics and anatomy of your ear to deliver you a sound quality that you need to hear to believe.  


Using digital technology, the Amp Hearing Aid utilizes a feedback canceller to practically eliminate the buzzing and whistles associated with some hearing aids. It also contains a background noise manager to help you better hear. A magnetic tool allows you to adjust the volume either up or down for the optimal sound quality that works best for you. Available in small, medium and large sizes, a hearing professional will help you find the perfect fit for your ear. For better ear health, this unit is designed to be removed daily, and you should not wear it when showering, swimming or engaging in any water activities.

Additional Information

The Amp Hearing Aid is great for the first time hearing aid user. It is designed to work best for people who require a mild to moderate level of hearing loss. This unit is powered by a yellow (10) color code hearing aid battery. As with other hearing aids, you should consult a hearing professional to see if this product is right for you. A hearing test and a thorough exam of your ear canal will help determine if you qualify.

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