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  • Easy to use Tablets for Seniors

    Easy to use Tablets for Seniors

    Tablets are light weight wireless electronic mobile devices that have similar functions as a smart phone, computer, or laptop. To find easy to use tablets for seniors, you must first identify what your needs are for a tablet. The prices will range according to your preferences.

  • Social Media for the Elderly

    Social Media for the Elderly

    There are many benefits social media has for the elderly. Social media keeps the elderly in touch with their family members, and friends. Social media provides entertainment, and opportunities to discover new interests.

    Social media keeps the elderly connected to the community without having to physically leave the house. This technology is an easier way for the elderly to find social groups in their communities that appeal to their interests.

  • Top 10 Android Apps for Seniors

    Top 10 Android Apps for Seniors

    There are many Android apps available through the Google play store on your Android device, but what about android apps for seniors? Seniors can download a variety of apps that will make navigation much easier. Some apps are designed specifically with large fonts for people with vision problems.

    There are other apps on the market that make it easier for seniors to access their medical records, and manage their medications. These apps create convenience for seniors with easy organization, and easy access to important files, and documents.

  • Top 10 iPad Apps for Seniors

    Top 10 iPad Apps for Seniors

    Yes, it sounds a little funny, but it's the truth. We've discovered that many of our website visitors (age 55+) are actually accessing the site using iPads or Android Tablets.

    Unlike the old days of desktop computers where Seniors quickly gave up using such a complicated piece of technology, now Seniors have started to become a little more technologically advanced. Why? Because tablets were designed to be easy to use (even my 3 year old navigates it better than me). 

  • Top 12 Gadgets for Elderly People

    Top 12 Gadgets for Elderly People

    We've taken a poll of the Top 12 Gadgets for Elderly People. These are items that are used on a regular basis and make life a little easier for Seniors. Some of which actually surprised us, as we'd never even heard of them before. 

    Take a look for yourself and possibly even get some really unique gift ideas for the Senior in your life! Though some of these gadgets are upwards of $100, you'll find that most on this list are under $50.

  • Top 4 Best Cell Phones for the Elderly

    Top 4 Best Cell Phones for the Elderly

    It can be hard to determine the best cell phones for the elderly person that's close to you, unless you know their specific ailments. Is it difficult for them to read small text, or is technology just something they're not too fond of?

    We've put together a list of the Top 4 Best Cell Phones for the Elderly.  You've probably heard of at least one of these cell phones, but how does it actually compare to other elderly cell phone devices?  You'll be surprised at what we've found and hope to aid in your search for finding the best cell phones for the elderly person in your life.

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